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Can you host an event?
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Does reaching out into your network to help bring in more supporters appeal to you?

Select all the check boxes that apply. Also, you might be interested in canvassing, data entry, or phone banking - or in giving other help. Volunteer muffin bakers and morale boosters are so amazing!

Here are some of the specific skills we are also looking for:

Canvassing: Getting out into your own community to meet neighbors and other volunteers for hands-on training on mobilizing conversations, for asking folks to sign a platform petition, and to contact them with voting info when it's time to vote.

Data Entry: Entering the data we collect from canvassing by typing the information from the petition forms into digital spreadsheets - on your own time or online in a Data Entry Bank Zoom with other volunteers!

Phone Banking: Making phone calls to our members or petition supporters about Morgane and her platform - and asking if they'll support - either on your own at home or in a Phone Bank Zoom with other volunteers! Anyone can do this from anywhere.

Fundraising (learning & planning fundraising pitches),

Joining Team Morgane's leadership huddle?

Special Interests -
do you have specific skills or interests that could apply to any part of our work? We'd love to know!


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