Morgane Oger on West Coast Christian Accord


Nearly 200 BC pastors have signed a statement of faith, denouncing homosexuality and having a transgender identity. two characteristics that are explicitly protected by British Columbia’s human rights law.

They call it the West Coast Christian Accord, saying having one of those identities and the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity curriculum is against God’s will and immoral.

On the basis of their religious views, They asked the BC Government to remove measures to protect LGBTQ2+ students from discrimination.

Doing what they ask would be unacceptable and contrary to our provincial laws.

inclusion is for everybody. It is a responsibility of every single educator, administrator, and staff member in British Columbia to protect every child in our schools against anybody who would try to teach in school that some kids are less worthy than others or that being transgender is somehow wrong or undesirable.

As an school trustee, I will stand firm and ensure that no matter what personal beliefs any individual person may hold, schools will remain safe and including spaces for everyone who that belief may affect.

Every learner deserves to attend a safe and inclusive school. I pledge to ensure this happens.

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