Prioritizing Public Education Spending In The Classroom


"Morgane Oger, how will you prioritize public education spending in the classroom?"
Morgane Oger speaks at the Oct 4 2018 Vancouver DPAC All-Candidates forum

Video: Raymond Tomlin.
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Experience matters

I was elected to Vancouver DPAC during the 2014/15 school year as VSB announced profound cutbacks to educational and support programs.

The following year, Vancouver Green Trustee VSB Chair Janet Fraser voted at the side of NPA trustees to consider closing 12 schools, ignoring parents, stakeholders, and progressive voters who were forced to scramble to argue against it.

Elected DPAC Chair in 2016, I successfully organized parents over the summer to stop the closure of 12 VSB schools in 2016/17, which predictably turned out to be desperately needed after all.


“inspire student success by providing innovative, caring and responsive learning environments.”

- VSB Mission Statement

I’ve governed large and small organizations and have spent two decades running businesses.


Equitability in Publicly-funded Education

I will advocate for increased public education funding from the Ministry of Education. I will encourage that all organizations accessing public funding be compelled to live up to the highest inclusion and accessibility standards.

Students that require additional help should receive it in their neighbourhood school whenever it is feasible. I will bring an independant voice to VSB that insists that spending decision prioritize our core mandate to educate children and that all VSB funding be spent equitably throughout the district.

VSB can do better.

I am running to help return VSB to sound, intentional, and determined governance that prioritizes spending where it belongs: in the classroom and in the school.

how does this spending decision help the School Board meet its core mandate of giving all learners the very best education possible in safe and inclusive schools?
— The question I will ask staff before supporting any recommendation presented to me.

A school district’s central purpose is to provide the best possible education for learners. It is to ensure it provides safe and inclusive schools while living up to the social responsibilities that an institution with a $600 million budget incurs.

I have spent 20 years running businesses and making decisions in large enterprises focused on excellence and delivering on the core mission. I know how inefficiencies and unforeseen outcomes defeat excellence if if we allow them to.

Independent decisions

Because I am an independent candidate who answers only to voters, my full attention will be focused on delivering the best possible education for all learners. If elected to serve as a school trustee, I will continue asking the difficult questions that need to be answered. I will leverage my record of advocacy to continue to fight for equitable access to excellent education for all learners.