Tell our mayor: Homeless people need a safe place to sleep

Our mayor and council refuse to listen and provide safe, controlled encampments with services on city-owned land. Instead, their policy is forcing people to put up tents on the street, with thousands of people sleeping on the street throughout the city.

The Greater Victoria Coalition To End Homelessness has shown structured encampments work in its report “A Framework for Sanctioned, Self-Managed & Supported Encampments for People Experiencing Homelessness” and people in Vancouver who are homeless deserve better than what Kennedy Stewart is doing.

Tell Ken Sim to listen to harm-reduction organizations and to help unhoused people find safety while they wait for more emergency modular housing to be made available. 

Tell Ken Sim to stop forcing people to camp dangerously on Vancouver’s sidewalks and our back alleys and to make it possible for everyone to life safe and in dignity.


Tell Ken Sim to provide safe, structured encampments with storage and services on vacant land. Please sign the petition.


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