Morgane is ready

Ready and Experienced

Working to make our society better takes time and persistence.

Morgane has been changing public policy as an organizer for years at municipal, provincial, and federal levels.  Through her organizing and her advocacy, Morgane he helped extend the BC Human Rights Code, the Canada Human Rights Act, and the Criminal Code of Canada. She helped get change in BC schools, in our city, in the BC medical system, in Saskachewan public schools, in Ontario healthcare and has been working on human rights in the UK and the EU.

Morgane helped change public policy at the Vancouver Board of Education where she was the elected chair of DPAC, the voice of the parents of 50,000 kids in Vancouver public schools.

The public-policy successes Morgane helped win happened in part thanks to the training she persistently sought.

Morgane took the time to learn how to be an effective advocate, how to be a succesful campaigner, and how to be a lawmaker.

Morgane event went to the Summer Institute of Future Legislators in 2016, the training bootcamp to teach aspiring candidates about the job of being a lawmaker.

To become a nurse, an engineer, a lawyer, or a doctor people take training. To become a politician, there is a training program. Morgane learned how to be an effective legislator in 2016.

Morgane learned public policy thanks to United Way's Public Policy Institute in 2015. This is where she honed the transgender rights campaign that won transgender persons across Canada equality.

Morgane learned how to coordinate advocacy action between stakeholders and work with grassroots movements at the Social Change Institute program in 2017. The network of dedicated advocates she met there and the wisdom that was shared during the training sessions help her to this day be effective.

In 2019 Morgane paid it forward and gave back to the next cohort of activists. She helped train future progressive equity-seeking candidates with Olivia Chow and other leaders at Run For Office, a 5-day political boot camp aiming to give a leg up to those of us who don't have access to the old boys network and need elders to show the way.

Throughout her advocacy and political work, Morgane Oger has made a point of seeking knowledge outside of the progressive box and has made a point of engaging with effective past and current leader from all ideologies from Olivia Chow to Preston Manning to Mike Harcourt to Michell Rempel so she can do the best job possible.

Morgane wrote and helped submit NDP resolutions that were adopted by our membership. Morgane has campaigned within the NDP to make our party more inclusive and democratic

Morgane wrote motions to support the mental health needs of LGBTQ2S+ youth in BC at School Board and City Council levels and saw them pass and be applied by the then-BC Liberal government across all schools in the Province.