Help Morgane turn Vancouver-Centre orange!

Can I count on you to vote for me?

Vancouver Centre can be won by the NDP if the right candidate is nominated by members on July 28. My advocacy track record and my results as an NDP candidate in 2017 are a solid foundation to build an NDP movement in Vancouver Centre that can win in 2019. My team has the networks in place that can take on Justin Trudeau and the Liberals successfully in Vancouver Centre.

Like you, I believe in addressing injustice, corruption, and political interference. They stop everyday people from participating equally in Canadian society. I pledge to listen to people fighting injustice and I to be there to help.

Who's pledging

Joel Oger
Helen May
Doris Traynor
Christopher Garth Brooks
Mike Holmwood
Louise Kilby
Douglas McArthur
Krista Sheppard
Karen Bartlett
Janice Johnston
Ainsleigh Hill
Sandy Goldman
Sandy Goldman
Dorothy Yada
Virginia Carlton
Tim Armstrong
Goran Wallin
Michael Biskar
Jane Fairbanks
Diana García
River Glen
Matthew Fischer

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