Progress Vancouver's platform

Our platform is centered around three guiding principles which are the foundation of specific commitments to take action on eight core domains:

You'll find the complete platform here.


Vancouver shines brightest when it thrives with people from every culture and walk of life. Everyone who seeks a life here should find a city with abundant housing, representative leadership, and economic prosperity.

That means building 136,000 market-housing and social-housing units in the next decade. To build housing for today's needs, we must reform outdated exclusionary zoning, free the permitting process from micromanagement, and restore senior government collaboration to build affordable housing.

It also means treating our most vulnerable with compassionate understanding. We must pursue the only proven methods for ending homelessness: mental health supports, access to housing, and addiction treatment.


Vancouverites should have exciting reasons to explore their city, and total freedom to access every corner. That freedom requires transportation that works for everyone.  Every neighborhood should be designed for bikes, and every pedestrian should be able to walk without the dangers of cars and crime alike. To this end, sections of Granville Street will become a people-only zone; well lit, weather-protected, and bustling.

Public transit must also continue to expand and improve. That means getting shovels in the ground for the UBC Skytrain by the end of our first term.

Meanwhile, a Commissioner of the Night-time Economy and Culture, elected by stakeholders, will restore Vancouver's nightlife to safety and neon-glow excitement.


Our streets should flourish with families and children. Progress Vancouver will launch a Family-Friendly Downtown Initiative, focused on the principle that a thriving downtown is a safer downtown.

Urban sprawl forces families into stressful commutes and poisons the air with emissions. That's why we're committed to sustainable compact urbanism, where green space and groceries stay a short walk away. To accomplish this, we'll need to support small businesses and the families that run them. Our goal is to streamline permitting, reduce redevelopment pressure by shifting housing development away from arterial zones, and reinvest taxpayer money back into communities through the city's core services.


Summary of our commitments.

Housing: Progress Vancouver will build the housing Vancouverites need. Vancouver has a housing shortage that is driving up prices and the only way to fix that is to build more housing of all kinds.

Affordable / Social Housing: Progress Vancouver will build city owned and operated mixed income housing. And we’ll do it without raising taxes, because with a mix of incomes in each building we can have market rate units pay for the subsidized units.

Permitting / Red Tape: Progress Vancouver will get micromanagers at city hall out of the way. We will streamline the permitting process, establish binding performance standards for permitting times and hold staff accountable to those standards. Micromanagement and permit delays raise costs, make housing less affordable and hurt small business.

Overdoses: The first, second, and third priority should be to save lives. We need safe supply to save lives and get people on the path to recovery.

Public Safety & Policing: Everyone deserves to feel safe. The police need to be adequately resourced to do their job. But we have to recognize that police are not social workers or mental healthcare professionals and should not be asked to do that job. A holistic approach is needed. 

Downtown Eastside (DTES) / Homelessness: Progress Vancouver will bring the federal and provincial governments together to forge a new Vancouver Agreement, a unified strategy between all levels of government to provide housing, mental healthcare, addiction treatment and other needed social support.

Transportation: Progress Vancouver will get the subway to UBC built, with shovels in the ground by the end of the term. And we will fight bike theft by building secure bike parking at all city parking facilities and installing secure bike lockers throughout the city.

Environment and Climate Change: The best thing Vancouver can do for the environment and climate action is to fight suburban sprawl. Families are leaving Vancouver in search of affordability in the Valley. They are driving into their jobs in the city, polluting our air and unleashing carbon emissions. Progress Vancouver will build housing for families here in Vancouver in walkable, bikeable and transit oriented communities.

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