Morgane is a dedicated new democrat

A Dedicated New Democrat

After years of feminist and transgender activism, Morgane Oger was recruited into the NDP in 2015 by grassroots organizers to help bring grassroots to the organization.

Morgane was elected co-chair of the BC NDP pride committee in 2015 and as a result joined the Provincial Executive and Provincial Council. In 2017, Morgane was elected Vice-President of the BC NDP in 2017, the table officer to be elected who was not put forward by the NDP slate.

The first transgender table officer of a major Canadian political party, Morgane brought a grassroots voice to our party's governance and has helped grassroots concerns be heard in the party.

Morgane served as a member-at-large in Vancouver-Centre NDP Electoral District Association and is currently Secretary of the Vancouver-False Creek BC NDP Constituency Association, where she ran in 2017 for the NDP against Liberal Sam Sullivan and came the closest any NDP candidate has come to winning that constituency since its creation, 415 short of a win out of over 25,000 votes cast.

Morgane has been a delegate to four NDP conventions and moderated a panel in the 2018 NDP National Convention in Ottawa.

In 2016,

In 2018 Morgane penned the Provincial NDP resolution asking for a conversion therapy ban, which passed unanimously and is now official NDP policy.

Morgane wrote and helped submit NDP resolutions that were adopted by our membership. In 2018 Morgane campaigned within the NDP to make our party more inclusive and democratic.

Morgane knows how to get the NDP to listen and how to get our values put to the forefront. Morgane will uphold New Democratic values.