Morgane Oger seeking Vancouver Centre NDP Nomination

Morgane Oger seeking Vancouver Centre NDP Nomination


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July 3, 2019

Morgane Oger launches NDP nomination campaign in Vancouver Centre 

Education and human rights advocate Morgane Oger announced today she is seeking the federal NDP’s nomination in Vancouver-Centre for the upcoming October 2019 election.

“The NDP needs a strong and effective candidate in Vancouver Centre.  I am thrilled to announce today that I am running for the nomination by the NDP here where I live,” said Oger, a long-time resident of the constituency and BC NDP Vice-President.

“Vancouver Centre can be won by the NDP if the right candidate is nominated on July 28. My strong track record in advocacy and as an NDP candidate gives me the head start we need to take on Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in Vancouver Centre.” Oger added.

Oger says her candidacy is motivated by the alarming growth of extreme-right violence across the country, by the Liberal inaction on the climate crisis, and by the need for a national Pharmacare plan, she says.

“Supremacist hate groups are openly holding rallies targeting people for who they are in Vancouver Centre. I am stepping forward for many reasons, including the need to help stem the hatred I see flooding into our lives,” Oger added.

Morgane Oger ran for the BC NDP in 2017 against Liberal incumbent Sam Sullivan and came close to winning the election as a first-time candidate. “My team and I are now seasoned campaigners with two elections behind us. We learned from our experiences and are ready to campaign today. We are here and we are ready to call the Liberal government to account,” said Oger. In the 2018 school board election where she ran for school trustee, Oger received over 27,900 votes, the best result of an independent candidate.

Elected Vice President to the BC NDP in 2017, Morgane Oger has been widely applauded for bringing a fresh grassroots lens as a transgender mom of two to politics and advocacy and for working with across party lines to make better public policy.

The founder of Morgane Oger Foundation, In May 2019 Oger testified to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights about online hatred. Her advice to the committee was included in the recommendations of its latest report. 

“Inclusion and justice are for everyone. Everyone’s right to say and do what they want stops at the point where they use it to cause harm to somebody else,” said Morgane Oger, whose precedent-setting human rights complaint against Bill Whatcott confirmed that freedoms come with responsibilities.

Since 2016, Morgane Oger has been campaigning to end the still-in-place LGBT blood donation ban that many feel is still in place despite the Liberal election promise to put an end to it because of stigma.

“Justin Trudeau and Hedy Fry promised to end the blood ban. Now that they are in power they are making every excuse why it is still in place despite having ended similar bans for other communities years ago. They’re dragging their feet,” said Oger.

The NDP nomination vote takes place at Roundhouse Community Centre on Sunday, July 28. It is open to everyone who was a member of the constituency association as of 28 June, 2018.


A widely recognized human rights advocate, Morgane Oger was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in 2018, which is given for bringing honour to Canada, for her human rights advocacy work. She also recieved the Shakti Trailblazer award in 2018, the Kimberly Nixon Pride Legacy Award for Transgender Activism in 2016, and was named “National Hero” Grand Marshall for the 2016 Vancouver Pride parade. 

Bilingual (English/French) and an immigrant to Canada from France, Morgane Oger became a citizen in 1988. if Morgane Oger is nominated, she would be the first openly transgender candidate to run for a national party in a federal election in Canada. She spent nearly a decade working in Europe in investment banking and Telecoms and has extensive marine engineering experience including designing submarine rescue equipment for Australian, Canadian, and US navies.

Morgane Oger received a degree in mechanical engineering from UBC and has worked as a consultant in the High Tech sector, Finance, and Defense. She is co-parenting two children who attend public school in Vancouver. Morgane Oger is running on three key platform points:

  1. Morgane Oger believes in addressing injustice, corruption, and political interference that stops everyone from participating equally in Canadian society.

    Whether it is Justin Trudeau’s broken promise to end the blood ban, his firing of his attorney general for doing her job, or allowing hatred and disinformation to be amplified in our public institutions because “that kind of hatred” is still quietly tolerated by decision makers, Canadians know that injustice, corruption and political interference harm us all directly or indirectly.

    Justin Trudeau promise to do things differently, it never came with the Trans Mountain, political interference with SNC-Lavallin, and broken promises to end the stigmatizing blood ban.

  2. Head to toe healthcare including Pharmacare. Morgane Oger knows what it is like to have to decide between paying for a prescription and putting food on the table. It is horrible and nobody should have to decide between their family’s healthcare and other basic needs.

  3. Morgane will push for Canada to live up to our climate commitments by ensuring Canada prioritizes support for commercial projects that move us closer to addressing the ongoing climate emergency.

    A licensed commercial marine operator who has been running vessels in BC since she was 16, Morgane Oger recognizes the risks to our environment that a marine disaster will bring to our coastlines.

    Risking an oil-tanker disaster in the Salish Sea by allowing a seven-fold increase in bituminous tanker traffic through Coal Harbour and English Bay is a striking example of the Trudeau government simultaneously failing coastal British Columbians and Canada’s climate commitments.

    Making Canadians buy a share in this Liberal boondoggle adds insult to injury. 



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