integrity and accessibility

Your elected representative in Ottawa should always remember they are accountable to you.

You deserve a representative in Ottawa that listens to you and understands the situation in your community.

Morgane knows what she is doing and has proven she is able to do the job without giving up or losing her way, even when the going gets tough. You deserve your elected officials to do what is right and to work with everyone to make sure it happens.

Morgane will speak truth to power for you like you have seen her doing for years. Morgane is authentic and stands up for the truth.

Morgane was elected Vice President of the BC NDP thanks to grassroots support like yours. She has stood up to help everyday members who needed help being heard. 

Morgane Oger will speak to injustice and to our needs and the needs of future generations. Like she has always done, Morgane will stand up for what is right.

Morgane works with everyone, has demonstrated integrity, and has been here for people over and over. She'll get things done in Ottawa.