Morgane Can Win

Morgane can win Vancouver-Centre

If anyone can beat the Liberals in Vancouver Centre, it’s Morgane Oger.

Morgane has lived here for years. She is raising her kids here. Morgane knows the parents, the advocates, and the issues. Morgane knows how Hedy's team works. Morgane is a very effective organizer who gets things done. 

As a new candidate, Morgane nearly beat Sam Sullivan in the 2017 BC general Provincial election in Vancouver-False Creek, which takes up 1/2 of the Vancouver Centre. Morgane has already impressed the base needed to win by showing them she's with them and she listens. 

In her 2017 Provincial election she had nearly 400 volunteers signed up, and her supporters were loud and effective in helping her narrow the gap in Vancouver False Creek.

One of her advantages is that Morgane knows Vancouver Centre inside out because she grew up here and loves this community. This is Morgane's home and playground and has been for years. Morgane is an icon in our community. Morgane worked on English Bay and in false Creek as a youth and as a licensed commercial marine operator has been working on our waters for 40 years. Morgane knows first-hand what an oil spill does, her family has already lived through one. Morgane has ties to many people from all backgrounds because of her professional work and because of her advocacy work.

She's lived in Coal Harbour, in Yaletown, and in Kitsilano. She now lives in the West End. She has helped so many people advocate for themselves and be heard by the power that be, Morgane can count on help from everyday people. Morgane can help change things because so many people know she can help them again. Volunteers are already stepping up.

Morgane understands your concerns because they are her concerns. Morgane will fight for our city, for our communities, and for our coastline.