Morgane Can Win

With your help, Morgane can win for you. 

Morgane has lived here for years. She is raising her kids here. Morgane knows the parents, the advocates, and the issues. Morgane knows how Hedy's team works. Morgane is a very effective organizer who gets things done. 

As a new candidate, Morgane nearly beat Sam Sullivan in the 2017 BC general Provincial election in Vancouver-False Creek. Morgane moved on and spent two years as Vice President of the BCNDP. Morgane has already impressed so many people by listening to us, but helping guide when asked for help and by taking a stand at our side in issues that matter to us all.

One of her advantages is that Morgane knows the centre of Vancouver inside out. She grew up here and loves this community. This is Morgane's home and playground and has been for years. Morgane has ties to many people from all backgrounds because of her professional work and because of her advocacy work in housing, education, and human rights.

She's lived in Yaletown, in Kitsilano, in Coal Harbour, and n the West End. She has helped so many people advocate for themselves and be heard that Morgane can count on help from everyday people and inspires us all.

Morgane understands your concerns because they are her concerns. Morgane will fight for our beautiful city and for our diverse communities.