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Morgane Oger

Morgane Oger

Raised in France, the US, and Vancouver, Morgane Oger is a respected education advocate with a passion for equitable public education.

She has served as Chair of Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council, on the City of Vancouver LGBTQ2+ Advisory Committee, and on a number of other not-for-profit boards. For her work

Morgane Oger holds a BASc from UBC in Mechanical Engineering and runs an IT consulting company focused on enterprise software security and performance. Working with affected communities, she founded the Morgane Oger Foundation to improve the effectiveness of Canadian human rights laws.

Morgane co-parents her two children who attend Vancouver public schools, and she attended public school in Chicago’s South Side and Vancouver’s Eric Hamber Secondary.

Morgane Oger was recognized for her education and human rights advocacy with the Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General in the name of Queen. Morgane Oger maintains a blog where she comments on education and human rights issues.