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Morgane Oger M.S.M. B.A.Sc.

  1. Morgane Oger believes in addressing injustice, corruption, and political interference that stops people from participating equally in our society. 

  2. Whether it is broken promises made by those who represent us, allowing hatred and disinformation to be amplified in Canada's public institutions because “that kind" of discrimination is still quietly tolerable to decision-makers who run our institutions, Canadians know that injustice, corruption and political interference harm everyone.

  3. Morgane Oger knows what it is like to have to decide between paying for a prescription and putting food on the table. It is horrible and nobody should have to decide between their family’s healthcare and other basic needs. 

  4. Morgane will push for Canada to live up to our climate commitments. Morgane believes in ensuring we prioritize support for commercial projects that move us closer to addressing the ongoing climate emergency and holding off on projects that cause harm.

  5. Morgane believes public infrastructure needs to be delivered when it is needed rather than promised for the distant future. Children need to attend elementary schools they can walk to. All learners deserve the very best public education possible. Public transit needs to serve people where they live, where they play, and where they work.

  6. Morgane will work with everyone at every level of government to ensure that public services are delivered as effectively as possible.

Morgane Oger's background

A long-time Vancouver resident, Morgane Oger is a community organizer and active NDP member recognized for working with everybody to help communities get progressive policies enacted that help everyday people and leave nobody behind.

A Tech manager working in the retail sector, Morgane was a founding member of executive of the Law Union of BC. She was elected to the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) where she served as Secretary and Chair. Morgane served on the City of Vancouver LGBTQ2+ Advisory Committee, and served as elected Vice-President of the BC NDP (2017-2019)

Morgane speaks French fluently. The 2017 NDP candidate in Vancouver-False Creek, she was the independent candidate with the most votes in the 2018 School Board election.

Listed a “Trailblazer to watch out for” in 2019 by the Georgia Straight, Morgane was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the Gouvernor General of Canada, the Shakti Trailblazer award, the Kimberly Nixon Pride Legacy Award, and was the National Hero Grand Marshal in the 2016 Pride Parade.

A UBC Mechanical Engineering graduate with international experience in research, finance, and telecommunications, Morgane is a graduate of the Public Policy Institute, the Summer Institute for Future Legislators, and the Hollyhock Social Change Institute. She has served as a mentor at Run For Office campaign school and taught at the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) annual Leadership Development School.

Morgane was elected Vice-President of the BC NDP by delegates after serving on its Provincial Executive since 2015.  She was featured in Women On The Ballot (2019) and wrote about Transgender Resistance in We Resist (2020). Im March 2020, Morgane had her theatrical debut performing Dr Violet in the Canadian Premiere of Paul Frank's Trans Scripts, Part 1: The Women - produced by ZeeZee Theatres and the Frank Theatre Company.

Morgane is raising her children in downtown Vancouver and has lived in Paris (F), London (GB), Berne (CH), Zurich (CH), Amsterdam (NL), Darmstadt (DE), Annapolis (USA), Vancouver (CA), Chicago (USA), Boston (USA),  Rabbat (MOR), Rennes (F)

Interesting Links

Morgane’s advocacy work was featured in award-winning documentaries “In Alliance and “1253 Letters” and in the 2019 short doc entry to the Vancouver Queer Film Festival's Troublemakers 4.0.

Georgia Straight: Trailblazer to watch out for



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