Nominate Morgane on July 28!

Morgane's pledges to NDP members, in her own words:

"I am seeking the NDP nomination in Vancouver Centre. If successfully elected to Parliament in October 2019, I will continue to put people first and fight for justice and inclusion. I pledge that I will ask these questions when making any decision:

  1. How does this help Canadians and the people who live in Vancouver-Centre today and the future?
  2. How does this make the lives of people and the health of our planet better?
  3. Is this good for Canadians, our children, and future generations?
  4. What is the net benefit to us all of doing this?

I will consult with Vancouver Centre constituents whenever possible. That's the whole point of democracy.

But first, I need your support to get me to Ottawa to do this.

I need you to nominate me your NDP candidate for Vancouver Centre on July 28.

- Morgane Oger - 21 June, 2019

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Integrity, Accessibility

Politics isn't a game. Our elected representatives in Ottawa must never forget they represent you, and you are selecting a nominee who will take this seriously and who you can count on.

Morgane has been here for you fighting for your issues. She has demonstrated she has integrity and that she is accountable. Morgane has been on the ground listening to people facing injustice and has been helping them for years.

Morgane will speak truth to power for you like you have seen her doing for years. more

Morgane can win Vancouver-Centre

If anyone can beat the Liberals in Vancouver Centre, it’s Morgane Oger.

She has already proven herself and shown she can do even better for our neighbourhoods. That's because Morgane grew up here and has been active here for years building networks and earning your respect. Morgane has lived in Coal Harbour, in Yaletown, and in Kitsilano. She now lives in the West End. Morgane raised her kids here since preschool and understands the challenges we face because she faces them at your side.

Morgane fights for our city, for our communities, and our coastline. Voters already know who she is and she has earned an excellent reputation thanks to her advocacy. more

An advocate for justice and inclusion

Morgane has been widely recognized for her advocacy work in human rights, education, public safety, and inclusion. She won a major human rights case against hatred and her advice on online hatred was included in a major House of Commons report.

Morgane worked with community members. She helped organize and win public policy change in education, human rights, policing, municipal policy, and in healthcare. She trained up activists and advocates to make them more effective so democracy will be even more representative. more

Dedicated New Democrat

Morgane was elected Vice-President of the BC NDP in 2017 and was previously Chair of the BC NDP Pride Committee and member of the Provincial Executive.

Morgane served as a member-at-large in Vancouver-Centre NDP Electoral District Association and is currently Secretary of the Vancouver-False Creek BC NDP Constituency Association.

Morgane has been a delegate to four NDP conventions and moderated a panel in the 2018 NDP National Convention in Ottawa.

Morgane wrote and helped submit NDP resolutions that were adopted by our membership. Morgane has campaigned within the NDP to make our party more inclusive and democratic.

Morgane knows how to get the NDP to listen and how to get our values put to the forefront. Morgane will uphold New Democratic values. more

Understands your realities

Morgane has lived in Yaletown, Coal Harbour, Kitsilano, and the West End where she now lives with her children, both of who are in public education. Morgane understands injustice and how our institutions are sometimes so awful to vulnerable people.

Morgane knows what it takes to change our systems. She knows how to help when the systems won't work for people, and she knows how to change things. Morgane has needed to ask for help to make ends meet and feed her children. Morgane understands what it takes to bring policy change that makes things better for everyday people.

Morgane believes government works for you and answer to you, and Morgane has shown she shows up when you need her.

Ready and Experienced

Morgane has been changing public policy as an organizer for years at municipal, provincial, and federal levels. Morgane has been trained to be an effective elected official. She is so effective because she took the time to learn how to win progressive change. We need Morgane to run because she knows how to win and knows how to get laws written that bring progressive change.