We need Morgane in Victoria!


Standing up for what's right

Morgane understands injustice and how our institutions are sometimes so awful to vulnerable people they cause harm. She understands what it takes to change our systems and has been doing it for years. We need Morgane in Victoria and we're counting on you to help get a champion there who'll stand up for what's right.

Morgane believes government works for you. and answer to you, and Morgane has shown she shows up when you need her.

Ready and Experienced

Morgane Oger has been changing public policy as an organizer for years at municipal, provincial, and federal levels. Morgane has been trained to be an effective elected official. She is so effective because she took the time to learn how to win progressive change. From conversion therapy to mental health for BC students to policing policy, Morgane has already had huge impact on Canadians. 

We need Morgane to run in Vancouver False Creek because she knows how to win. We want her in Victoria so we have somebody to work with who'll listen.